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@MareneGustin “Lost restaurant dishes” not lost at Vallone’s

french onion soup houston

Above: the classic French Onion Soup at Vallone’s comes from Tony’s own recipe book.

We really loved Marene Gustin’s piece this week for CultureMap, “Great lost restaurant dishes that need to be brought back: Kill the gourmet mac and cheese for these.”

For those of us who grew up in the pre-Food Network era, before the time of “extreme” food, our cravings for the Americana classics aren’t just about nostalgia and comfort food. It’s also about knowing where American tastes came from and where they’re going.

There are so many young and talented chefs out there these days — more than ever before. But so many of them haven’t taken the time to walk in the footsteps of the greats that came before them. As the old adage goes, you can’t break the rules unless you know them.

When Tony and his partner Scott Sulma conceived Vallone’s, they wanted to bring back the charm, warmth, and the coziness of the original Vallone’s. And with the new restaurant, they also have brought back some of the favorite dishes that Tony used to make there.

The “Four-Day” French Onion Soup (above) is a great example. It’s made using a recipe that Tony developed after working in New York City in the early years of his career and he’s refined it to perfection. From the meat stock — cooked for four days — to the selection of cheeses and the housemade croutons that soak up the rich liquid, it’s the apotheosis of what classic French Onion Soup should be.

And it’s also delicious…

It’s just one of the many classic Americana dishes that Tony’s serving these days at the new restaurant on Gessner.

Marene, you’re table is waiting! We loved the article!

Please click here for the Vallone’s menu.

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